One Idea

A composite of 2 shots taken on 03/08/02.


Notice Lightfoot's partial shadow behind Mo.

He was not in the 2nd shot.


The original attempt at a diagonal drive up into the hill, begun in 1968, is barely visible here.


A click on either postcard image will open a very large composite almost twice the size of a screen set at 1024 x 768 pixel resolution.

A click on either thumbnail will open a smaller 1024 x 515 pixel image.

The same composite with various items superimposed on 12/26/02.


To the left is the rebuilt trailer as it appeared on 05/24/02.


The basic house was taken from a Greek travelogue

web site. The front windows, doors and chimney were added.

The proposed drive would lead to an existing arroyo at the upper right.

A bridge extends from the rear of the upper story to an arroyo on the left.

A set of solar panels, wind turbines and a large water storage tank are in or above that arroyo, though in reality they would not be quite so visible. A septic tank would be buried on the right, about where the trailer used to be.

The drive would eventually extend up to a number of other arroyos.

This first span would, I believe, be the most difficult.

And from the top of the proposed drive, looking down ...


These two will open to a normal screen size.










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