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Liz Cook (bigsky, US) says...
Hi, Just following up as I didn't hear back from you, sorry to email you again. I noticed your page links to from the time - anywhere. Unfortunately, that site isn't very accessible for the sight impaired. Would you consider adding a link to a more accessible version like which is WCAG 2.0 compatible? Also, if you ever want to see how accessible a page is, I recommend It is ... Read More
21st August 2017 8:57am
John (Los Angeles, US) says...
Thank you, Van.
My Rheem HW heater froze and broke the exact same way. And go figure, Rheem would not stand behind their warranty since it's mounted on a mobile home. So, with your insight, and a $70 replacement part; in less than an hour I had the thing working again. Appreciate the help.
30th December 2015 12:00am
Van Blakeman (Joshua Tree, US) says...
Thank you John. Glad that page has proven itself useful. I believe you are referring to the page, “Disassembling A Rheem RTG64XLP” at: I have since added heat tapes to the pipes, including the two that come up into the water heater. That is described at: which includes a link to another page that goes into some detail. However, I have since discovered that those six ... Read More
30th December 2015 12:01am
Geil Wiggins (Tekamah, NE, US) says...
Van, Nona and Larry Kjeldgaard would like to get in touch with you. They live in Bancroft, NE. No computer connection. I am Nona's cousin.
23rd July 2015 12:00am
Eileen Blakeman (East Sandwich, US) says...
You are one brilliant Computor Tutor❤️
26th June 2015 12:00am
Van Blakeman (Joshua Tree, US) says...
Hi Lisa, I have forwarded your message on to Page. Enjoy, Van
7th October 2014 12:01am
Lisa (VA, US) says...
Hi Van,

I am actually trying to get in touch with Page Blakeman. She is a family friend, since I was a baby, and my mom asked me to try and find her. (It has been approx 10 yes since we last spoke - right around the time of her mother's passing. Any help would be appreciated.

Regards, Lisa
7th October 2014 12:00am
Manny (Fallbrook, CA, US) says...
Hello Van and thanks for an interesting and informative site.

What led me here was your review on the Loftek D-1 Sentinel PTZ IP camera. Have mine installed in a similar configuration (solar) and was wondering if you are using a charge controller, inverter and A/C adapter.

My question is do you know if the camera will work with 12vdc straight from a battery bank? Am trying to reduce load by bypassing the need for extra components in the circuit.

Semper Fidelis, R/M
15th December 2013 12:00am
Van Blakeman (Joshua Tree, US) says...
Hi Manny [Emmanuel Magos], Interesting question. I am using an Outback charge controller and Outback inverter (my Exeltech blew out a few weeks ago). My Loftek A/C adapter is plugged into a power strip that can be switched off when the solar battery bank gets low on rainy days. The problem for us with PTZ cameras is the motor. As with any motor (fan, fridge, etc), it is going to consume a significant amount of power, where the camera itself will utilize very little power, being only a circuit ... Read More
15th December 2013 12:01am
Cynthia Shockley (Oriental NC, US) says...
Have been researching my husband's family -- the Giles of Salem/Marblehead. Wondered if you have any interest in following that line? If so, I'd be delighted to share what I have found!
14th October 2010 12:00am
Van Blakeman (Joshua Tree, US) says...
Hi Cynthia,
I assume you are referring to my Blakeman Genealogy page, though it does have its own message board.

We are only doing Blakemans on that page, which includes John Giles Jr and his children, since his mother is Hannah Blakeman.

However, I have sent him a copy of this in case he would like to explore the heritage of his father’s family, in which case he would need to contact you directly.

Thank you for your interest.
14th October 2010 12:01am
Van Blakeman (Joshua Tree, US) says...
I have copied this over to my Greenleaf Genealogy message board and replied to it there (and by email).

To get there, go back to "Van's Journal", go down to "Genealogies ... Greenleaf" and click on the latter. Then find the blue box that says "Add/Correct" and click on that.

Or select, copy and paste this into the Address box at the top of your browser:
20th June 2010 12:01am
Andrew Greenleaf Lawrence (Fairfax Station, Virginia, US) says...
Donald Leal Greenleaf was my maternal grandfather. Did you know him? I have names, birth dates and dates of death for his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren -- do you want them?
20th June 2010 12:00am
Harry D. Leibhart (US) says...
I enjoyed the pictures. I believe that I have the graduation picture of the radio telegraph operator' course. Semper Fi.
7th September 2007 12:00am
Van Blakeman (East Sandwich, US) says...

[Note: copied his message to my USMC page and there is further discussion there.]"
7th September 2007 12:01am
Virginia Blakeman (NJ, US) says...
#44 Should lay off the crack pipe a little. It's obviously affecting his eyesight negatively.

How are you Van? Great shots of the cats in Joshua Tree.
31st August 2007 12:00am
Van Blakeman (East Sandwich, US) says...
Thanks, Ginny.

You girls really should give him a break; probably just a bad hair day - anal hair, maybe?
31st August 2007 12:01am
D. Mehrten (California, US) says...
Re Grafstick Tape & Label, I just wanted to compliment you on the elegantly designed order page. I shop on line all the time, and I've never encountered a page that worked
so perfectly.
27th May 2007 12:00am
Jim A. McEvers (US) says...
Your web design for graphtapes sucks. Come on, white lettering on a light blue/gray background? Can read any of it. Have you tried looking at some of your sites? I'm sure you could do much better!
1st March 2007 12:00am
Van Blakeman (Joshua Tree, US) says...
Sounds like you could use a new monitor.

Perhaps some work on your attitude might help also.
1st March 2007 12:01am
Darby Blakeman (Cape Cod, US) says...
"I'd like to respond to #44's comment please. I'd like to say to Jim Nobody: Don't ever talk to my father like that again or you will have to deal with the daughter, and I am 110% female so it will likely be worse than having to deal with my father; obviously you don't have anything to shake the proveribial stick at (or twig as is most likely in your situation) because if you had anything worth a damn you wouldn't be wasting your time critiquing other peoples art ... Read More
1st March 2007 12:02am
Van Blakeman (Joshua Tree, US) says...
Wow! That's my girl. :)
1st March 2007 12:03am
Virginia Blakeman (New Jersey, US) says...
Van Just taking a look at your site, it looks really great! I am glad that you are keeping it up, and it wonderful to see so many Blakeman's Showing up in the messages. Just been thinking about you and I hope you are doing well. I'm a little bogged down at school, trying to finish up my Thesis, and of course my other classes, But I just wanted to say hi.
29th January 2007 12:00am
Virginia Blakeman (New Jersey, US) says...
Van Just taking a look at your site, it looks really great! I am glad that you are keeping it up, and it wonderful to see so many Blakeman's Showing up in the messages. Just been thinking about you and I hope you are doing well. I'm a little bogged down at school, trying to finish up my Thesis, and of course my other classes, But I just wanted to say hi.
29th January 2007 12:00am
Brianny Blakeman (US) says...
hey dad - just touching base - received your voicemail yesterday - sorry i missed the call! hope all is well in CA, and Happy Belated Bunny Day!!
Love, Bri
17th April 2006 12:00am
Tuong Nguyen (San Diego, US) says...
I've tried to find the information to set up my Toshiba IK-WB11a. Your site provide the most comprehensive information that is very useful. I would like to say "Thank You Very Much" for spending a lot of time and afford of writing it. The information helps me greatly. I really appreciate your work. Thanks again.
16th March 2006 12:00am
Jerry James (Muskogee Oklahoma, US) says...
Very good article on the Toshiba network cam. I found you article while trying to learn some "tricks" of my new Toshiba network cam same model as your. Mine is functioning really well but there are some things like "Power Boost Function" that I can find zero information about. Thank you for taking time to try to help us "Newbes". You are a very busy boy!
28th February 2006 12:00am
Darby Blakeman (US) says...
Hey Dad, the last comment posted on your site when I click "other messages" that comes up is the last message I sent back in June 05. Is something wrong here? Just curious...D
16th August 2005 12:00am
Van Blakeman (Joshua Tree, US) says...
Well, you do tend to talk a lot - but I wouldn't really say that there is "something wrong" with that.
16th August 2005 12:01am
Darby Blakeman (US) says...
Hey Dad, You did an awesome job on my graduation/award ceremony pics. They were much anticipated by myself as well as others! It feels great to know that I now have a forever-lasting gallery of my accomplishments that can never be destroyed and will always be there for myself or anyone else I want to show it off to. Thanks Dad, I love you - Darby Dale
23rd June 2005 12:00am
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