Scanned Negatives

version 1.0

      1940s to the 1960s



      1980 to 1984, Monmouth Junction

      1984 to 1989, Mashnee Island


      2000: The digital age begins

2010: This collection presents all 35mm negatives that I have in my possession, plus some scanned photos. ...

I used a "Wolverine F2D 35mm Film to Digital Image Converter" to scan the negatives. The machine includes two "cartridges" (plastic frames), one for slides and the other for 35mm negatives of very specific dimensions. ...

The most time consuming aspect of this job was ... establishing a date for each negative ...
One reason ... so that my daughters and others will be able to ... provide some dates from their own records.

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That said, these pics are now obsolete.

I have had these negatives and more professionally scanned onto DVDs.
The difference is incredible.
I will keep these around because I worked so darn hard on them.
Maybe in time I will find them useful for some other reason.
Meanwhile, feel free to click on the links to the left and enjoy them or hate them; whatever.

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