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A full screen diagram Of the system
The system

Installing a grounding bar

From the AC Disconnect to the Circuit Breaker

The hot wire is looped to both breaker sockets

Two breakers for 2 circuits

The household wiring begins

Technically I think the AC Safety Switch (AC Disconnect) completed the solar installation and this circuit breaker begins the standard wiring. All of the Solar equipment was supplied by Affordable, while this component and all equipment to follow were purchased locally at Home Depot or Barr Hardware, including the grounding rods and wire.

In a way I tend to think of the entire setup as 3 distinct systems: 1. the grounding system, 2. the solar system, 3. the household wiring system.

As you can see this box got kind of crowded. If I do this again I will definitely go for a bigger box even if it only contains 2 breakers. Between the breakers, the ground bar, the AC lightning arrestor and trying to loop some slack wire around, this was way too tight.

I chose to run 2 separate 20 amp circuits from the box, one to handle all outlets and the other for all lighting. CA regulations require that 20 amp circuits use yellow wire, as I did, and 15 amp circuits use white wire, though I think both are basically identical - a color code thing which is probably a good idea. A 15 amp breaker will of course trip more easily on an excessive load whereas a 20 amp breaker will have a bit more tolerance. A 15 amp circuit is safer but it can become a PITA when trying to use your old circular saw or shop vacuum, both of which have a motor that will demand an extreme pull on the circuitry when first turned on, and then settle down to a normal pull.

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