News From Joshua Tree, Year 1

Day 1 11/07/01 Email From A Pennsylvania Bar.
Day 14 11/20/01 Arrival In Joshua Tree.
Day 17 11/23/01 Thanksgiving In Palm Springs. Whip-Lash Tent.
Day 21 11/27/01 Desert Downpour. First Shower.
Day 23 11/29/01 Class In The Sky. Man Of LaMancia. To The Dump.
Day 34 12/10/01 Van's Rock Theory. Cutting The Slot.
Day 35 12/11/01 Snow. Moving The Tank. Visiting Coyotes. Capistrano Hats.
Day 42 12/18/01 Territorial Rights.
Day 60 01/05/02 The Rock. Water Collection. Laguna Beach Christmas.
Day 70 01/15/02 The Visitor.
Day 77 01/22/02 The Waterman Cometh.
Day 84 01/29/02 Laguna R & R.
Day 10602/20/02 How We Live.
Day 12103/07/02 Pain! Eileen's Party. Working On The Trailer.
Day 13103/17/02 Eileen Escapes. The Trailer. The Filter. Cold Rain.
Day 14804/03/02 Music.
Day 16804/23/02 Canvas. Door. Awning. Cactus Flower. Rock Covered Hole.
Day 18705/12/02 Painted! The Big Move. Nikki & Kyle. Dehydration.
Day 20005/25/02 Done! The 3000 Mile Transition.
Year 2:
To the journal of our return in 2003.

This collection began as a series of off-the-cuff emails sent to friends and family back east during our unexpectedly nomadic stay on my land in Joshua Tree, California. They evolved into what is now “The Journal”. Enough interest was shown that I decided to put it on our web site, throw in some clickable pictures, and add pertinent parts of email received in response.

If you would like to see some of the history and the ideas that predated this trip, go to the main Joshua Tree page and look around; click on any image that interests you.

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The first meaningful email that we received actually predated the trip and the journal, so the journal will begin with that email.
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