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  Fauna: Prehistoric lizard climbing boulder Owl resting in a palm tree California Thrasher birds digging

A Rosy Boa is drinking from our pond A Pig Visits Eileen On Our Patio Seatbelt cut by dog Cooper

A squirrel stealing from our Olive tree
Pond lilys seen from a zoomed Axis cam
  Places: South Boston Summer street bridge View Of Laguna From The Hotel Laguna Weird VW Art Car In Laguna
  Tech: Replaced 15 amp breaker with 20 amp Logitech 200 adapter & TPlink TLpoe 150 Opening new Olympus Tough TG5 camera

Logitech Alert 750e webcam bottom rear Me Not Fixing Olympus TG5 Camera
  Power: Topping off the battery bank Bad battery cell reading Reinforcing a ramp with metal straps

Removed fifteen old solar batteries Removed all fifteen old solar batteries New Batteries From Solar-Biz.com

48 volt solar 16 GC-2 battery bank
New Crosley freezer to be a fridge
  Hot Water: Rheem Tankless RTG64XLP stops again Rheem Tankless RTG64XLP Burner Assembly Sweating Brass Hose Adapters To Pipe

Rheem Performance WH thermostat Rheem Performance WH thermostat Retiring Rheem Tankless RTG64XLP
  Filters: New TotalPond 330 GPH pump and hose Hose Through Pipe To Avoid Crimping Control Center For Three Pond Pumps

Control Center For Three Pond Pumps Capped end of pond pump hose Connectors Softened to fit over valves

Tried barley straw - a definite yes Two barley straw bails in our pond Extending gutter to hang over pond

Our grey water pond patio New TotalPond 330 GPH pump
  Shade: Safety cable should hold the canopy Heavy Duty Bracket For 3rd Canopy Corner These Heavy Duty Brackets work!

The Coolaroo Canopy Has Collapsed Straps And Solid Bolt to Anchor Carport Straps And A Bolt Anchor Carport
  Cooling: Pole that all-weather blanket wraps Fitting Reflective Blankets Around Pole Pole fits into Formufit table screw cap

Joining blankets with Velcro Making sand weights to hold down blankets Hooks hold Grabber All-Weather Blanket

Replacing PVC poles with aluminium

  Other: Mystery shatter of stained glass table Moving book collection to the shed Chris & Roberta Hanley house

This carport frame is not anchored 1930S Chevy truck yard art by Bob Malin Mysterious Registered Letter

Lifting half ton tank with screw jack A milk cooling tank on my land in 1968 The milk cooling tank's interior

this milk cooling tank is yard art New Leesa.com mattress arrives 106 degrees inside and climbing


  People: The Country Kitchen Kerr Christmas 2016 The 40 acre Kerr Farm

Kerr family dinner at Tuscanos Mourning Dove on her nest Giant Crab Spider
  Fauna: Triple mutant toad in the pond Gray Catbird in Sandwich, MA Young Desert Jackrabbit

A Costas Hummingbird? Hummingbird chicks and mama Hummingbird nest eggs, March 13

Canon PC1742 taken with Windows phone Hummingbird chicks on March 28 Hummingbird young on April 5
  Flora: Hedgehog, Red Pencil Cholla, Prickly Pear A blanket of algea in our empty pond Buckets catch kitchen sink drainage.
  Pond: Our first preformed pond - 133 gal, 2010 Measuring our old pond-patio Lowe's delivery 275 gal MacCourt pond

Biggest preformed pond available online Removing old 133 gallon preformed pond Leveling new 275 gallon preformed pond

The burlap hides the black plastic Hiding PVC pond filler pipe with burlap Pond filler camouflaged with burlap

The interlocking flat rock patio Home Depot's TotalPond 1200 GPH pump Dividing the pumped water jet in two

Numerous sources of water feed to pond Flat rock patio around a 275 gal pond A full moon on February 10, 2017
  Scenery: A dwindling waterfall The Palm Springs (PSP) United patio Highway 101 California to Washington
  Travel: Stearns Wharf at Christmas Cabrillo Hwy-1, Big Sur Point Sur light station

Pfeiffer Beach Keyhole Arch at Pfeiffer Beach Horses on road to Pfeiffer Beach

Central Point, OR near the CA border Broken air conditioner package Measuring for air conditioner hole
  AC: Old bedsheet covers cutting area Aligning Frigidaire air conditioner Bolts lock air conditioner in place

Wiring outlets for new air conditioner Wire shelf protects air conditioner Setting Wasserstein 7 day timer

Hills towing to start our Prius A Deltran Battery Tender plugged in Deltran Battery Tender to Prius Battery

Rheem RTG64-XLP tankless water heater The Rheem RTG64-XLP burner assembly The Rheem RTG64-XLP interior
  Power: Pritchett installing another solar rack Topping batteries with distilled water New golf cart battery for battery bank
  Water: Broken PVC ball valve Water truck delivery The unbolted shed has moved off center
  Renovation: Lag screws anchor our Lifetime shed Building a rack under our home in 2003 Our 'faux wood' window blind

Window blind slat doesn't stick to glue Necessary renovation supplies All sides have been taped and repainted

Fiberglass taped back together Taillight fixed with "Liquid Tape" Masking with Frogtape

Sprayed fiberglass seals door bottom Sprayed fiberglass tape seals door top Painting with Behr Swiss Coffee paint

Priming with Behr 'Swiss Coffee' paint Spilled and recovered the can of paint Painted the screen door

Outside walls needed work in 2010 Yellow paint was used in 1968 Considered "Hunters Hollow" paint

Considered dark blue paint Repainting with Behr 'Swiss Coffee' first Repainted with Behr 'Swiss Coffee' first

Masked with Frogtape Trellis hung between hollow steel tubes Lopsided Trellis between weak tubes
  Trellis: Hanging the trellis with Velcro Don't hang the trellis with Velcro Painting angleirons and bolts black

Angles to stop trellis from bouncing off Emptying the eComposter Stinger 2.5 gallon wet dry vacuum
  Other: A clean well made bed Crosley freezer with Johnson controller SolarWorld SW 325 XL MONO solar panels

Solar panel racks Agave Salmiana Ferox under a Eucalyptus GreenLeaf bolted ball valve

Our homesite Fiberglass taped together and painted Fiberglass taped together and painted

Adhesive sprayed tape covers splits Sprayed tape locks metal & wood frame Fiberglass taped together and painted

Photoshoping light green is considered Fiberglass taping plywood splits


  Fauna: House Finch Wilson's Warbler Hummingbird - Axis 214

Chuckwalla lizard and Hedgehog cactus Beavertail Prickly Pear cactus Apricot Mallow
  Flora: Our pond patio, Olive tree and Rosemary Jojoba leaves and nuts up close Full moon
  People: Hillside stairway to Eileen's deck AAA to start our Prius Meeting new neighbor Gabe

Dodge ramvan starcraft ebay page Dodge van tire, desert dry and flat Dodge van engine with rats nest

Gabe & Lino's new van is leaving Bri Blakemans marrying Andrew Hall Van Blakeman at daughter's wedding

A Laguna Beach full moon at Christmas Molly's flying cage Child, man and dogs
  Travel: Thanksgiving at Lulu's in Palm Springs Fixer-upper Mountain South of Seattle

Waiting for our flight out of PSP Jensen and Ellie Kerr Eileen selecting photos
  Structural: Rack with electric, water & gas Rheem RTG-64 XLP heating element Our Champion 71330 generator

Wall needs fiberglass tape and paint Wide new step for Molly and people Former wheelwell makes room for bed

Corner, wall and ceiling need work Emptying Sun-Mar compost toilet New runner is end-taped and layed
  Modeling: Our winter home is too small Photoshoping piers & wall for addition Floor level one of four

Four levels to raise the SE corner Addition Model version 1.0 Initial 1st floor interior

House sized panel before cutting SketchUp modeling two story addition Preparing to fit downloaded doors

Modeling two story addition Cutting downloaded iron railing ... ditto ...

... ditto ... ... ditto ... Somebody actually made that rock

Addition Model version 2.0 Remade after getting true elevations Raised the SE corner by 3 feet

overhead- roof & floors are hidden SketchUp two story addition model Initial rough outline of an addition

Getting foundation's dimensions Positioning laser level Modeling addition version one

Our homesite terrain measurements South side view of SE corner to valley Satellite composite with survey markers

Assessors map, book 589-19 Survey map Wagon Wheel 1982 Blakeman's plot plan in Joshua Tree

Blakeman's SketchUp model addition ... ditto ...


  Fauna: An Antelope squirrel eating breakfast A young high desert rabbit A High Desert tortoise
  Flora: Apricot Mallow flowers Where can we put a deck? Sundown over a high desert landscape
  Scenery: Eucalyptus growth over 5 week period Our homestead Hillside staircase and water tank wall

An occasional waterfall Section marker west of our parcel Satellite composite with survey markers
  Places: A Laguna Beach mural on concrete Eileen Blakeman, Christmas on the beach Christmas at the Hotel Laguna
  Tech: About to move IP-cam and dome Attaching angle-iron to solar frame Measuring Dotworkz IP cam dome holes

Too low Viewing IP cams with Blue Iris Software 2 bar signal on iPhone to Sprint tower

Tightening antenna cable inside cap zBoost antenna through a PVC cap Top down view of antenna cable pipe

Strapped broken Prius 2007 splashshield Bolted splashshield up through bumper A string gets it working
  Water: Panda washer at the thrift shop Replaced GFCI that tripped off Replacing old recirculating pond pump

Installing a new pond pump Vacuuming the compost toilet tray A Redwood Stairway On A Rocky Hill
  Deck: Redwood steps on a rocky hill A hillside deck with railings Aligning the side boards with rope

The hillside deck frame Posts and stringers of Stairway

Cardboard template to fit deck to rock Shaping deck to fit rocks

Framing extended hillside deck Solar lamps on the stairway

Header for stairway to water tank Stairway to the water tank Fitting the stairway railing

Cutting the railing slots The hillside deck center rails

Everbilt gate hinge instructions Widening gate arm to fit hinge

Fitting bench frame between rocks Spray from a frozen and split pipe
  Structural: Sketched deck with Google's SketchUp An Underwood Standard typewriter Sending off a manuscript in 1967
  Other: A secretary of special momentos An Apple ][ desktop computer After surgery at the Providence VA

A Mueller velcro knee brace


  People: Beautiful lady Eileen Blakeman A Pincushion cactus with fruit A Brittlebush flower
  Flora: A Mesquite dancing at waters edge A Red Racer Coachwhip snake A Rosy Boa crossing the Road at night
  Fauna: A Southern Green Stink bug Evening cloud Falls Steakhouse, Thanksgiving
  Places: Laguna's beach from the Hotel Laguna An underwater photographer Kelp

Music at Pappy & Harriets A Pappy and Harriets dinner Assembling our second eComposter
  Travel: Waiting for the livery At the Palm Springs airport A sign to protect our Bobcats
  Signs: No Trapping signs assembled A surveyors brass tag at our NW corner A No Trapping sign near our NE corner

A panoramic view of our valley Eight solar panels meet our needs The Sharp NDQ250F7 specs label
  Power: Two combiner box configurations Unpacking the Outback VFX3648 Sixteen sealed battery readings

A stone wall sound proofs generator One solar electronics configuration MX60: Absorbing, Float, Bat Full
  Water heater: Tempered glass protects the batteries The Rheem RTG64XLP schematic diagram Rheem bypass and control valves

The Rheem RTG64XLP exposed Exploring the idea of a stairway Chiseling bedrock to hold a post
  Steps: Getting supplies at Home Depot Cutting and drilling redwood steps Measuring & marking a staircase

Building a staircase Installing a staircase post Building a ramp between levels

Building a deck on a hillside Building a deck Fitting a deck between rocks

Building a staircase landing Fitting to rock with a contour gauge A staircase on a hillside

Temporary top of the staircase US Marine CH-46E Sea Knight helicopters A broken windmill near Palm Springs
  Other: Is this a petrified stump? Outward Bound climbers A window weight in the wall

New cedar siding on the barn The acrylic glass on skylight slid down A new Velux skylight and an old one


  People: Kerrs and Blakemans at Christmas "My thoughts and sayings ... "Seeds through the air"

"My life in a barn" by Eileen Blakeman Coyote camouflage Wrens on a Joshua Tree
  Fauna: Birdnest in a Pencil Cholla cactus A scorpion in my Dewalt drill bit kit Bobcat at our pond

Three roaming coyotes Desert tortoise Teddybear Cholla
  Flora: Apricot Mallow flower Vacuuming dry brush from under deck Puddle on a rock
  Scenery: Sunrise over Palm Springs from Interstate 10 A January sky in the high desert Walmart supercenter Joshua Tree, CA
  Area: Marienne Uy of the Country Kitchen Handstand on Laguna's main beach Checking dog into United cargo BOS
  Travel: United waiting to depart BOS United Airlines cargo LAX The high Desert car wash, Yucca Valley

1998 Dodge Sportsvan Las Caseuelas Terraza in Palm Springs Big Bear snowfall December 26, 2013

The Hotel Laguna Checking dog into United cargo LAX The 29 Palms Inn restaurant

United flightdeck before departure Catalina Island from Laguna Beach Cleaning the solar panels with snow
  Power: Four Sharp ND-216U2 solar panels 48V banks of Deka B-DK-8A27 batteries Attaching heat cable with silicone tape

Installed carriage lamp on the carport A new lamp on our utility house battery will not hold a full charge

battery rack castor broke off trailer rack with electric and plumbing With a GFCI outlet

Installing a heat tape Pulling a heat tape with molding Preparing to install heat tape

Securing heat tape with silicone tape Heat tape plugged into GFCI outlets

sixteen new Deka batteries The Outback MATE 3 screen voltmeter readings of Deka batteries

Unpacking a new Deka 8G27 MH17218 Hanover cast wall lantern on carport Electrical outlet with heat tapes

controller, 63A breaker, inverter Switch under the Exeltech inverter Sharp ND-216U2 solar panels and specs
  Water: Ice pushed this valve off its pipe 2007: ice shattered this PVC pipe Easyheat freeze protection cables

The Rheem RTG64XLP has arrived Rheem water heater hangs on fence panel Laundry in a Danby DTT420 twin tub

Detergent suds over our pond Cleaning the pond pump filters Duckweed in the mail

Duckweed on the pond A neighbors hose is filling the pond The Wonder Water II truck hose

Ice sprung a leak in this Rheem WH Water tank PVC shutoff Removing the old tankless water heater

Clamping shutoff valve over its pipe Spray from an ice split in the pipe Stretch and seal silicone tape

Covering the hole with a stick-on pad Securing heat tape with silicone tape Trying out a clear silicone tape

The clear silicone needs extra wrap Attaching trellis with clear tape Heat tapes lead to GFCI outlets
  Deck: Gluing split redwood deck board SketchUp replication of rear deck Gluing broken deck board

Reasssembling deck Measuring for a raised shed platform Lumber for building a shed platform
  Structural: Framing our raised shed platform SketchUp of shed platform and steps SketchUp of shed platform and steps

Our Lifetime shed on a raised platform Storing LP tanks in shed Our homesite with the new Lifetime shed

future shed platform between boulders future shed platform between boulders April 2002 after the stone wall

A 4x6 gets the height of the platform 4x4s carry the platform temporarily One corner cut to overlap a boulder

Temporary 2x4 legs carry one corner Determining where post will meet pier Digging-chiseling the first post hole

Pouring concrete into a Sonotube this corner is way off center The pipe should go up the center

The southwest post is attached plywood attached with 2" screws Waterproofing the plywood decking

coated with bear cedar waterproofing Marking the first stringer Verifying new stringer will fit

first stringer to mark the others 3 stringers 2 skirts 2 risers Stringers loosely assembled

aluminum footings protect the wood stringer frame to platform frame concrete is poured into Sonotube form

The middle stringer gets a hanger shim puts skirt even with stringer Topping skirt even with plywood

Adding top step, extension and riser Trimming plywood overhang to fit riser SketchUp of proposed shed platform

SketchUp of proposed shed platform SketchUp of proposed shed platform SketchUp of the proposed shed platform

SketchUp of the proposed shed platform SketchUp of proposed shed platform Cutting posts from 4x4s

Getting height and slope of railing Bolting with flush barbed tee nut 8" bolts through post-skirt-stringer

Pre-drilling the redwood railings Treating the railings with Thompson's top posts will support deck railings

The Lifetime shed label Unpacking the Lifetime shed The Lifetime shed 6405 PDF manual

Assembling the Lifetime shed floor Unpacking the Lifetime shed Assembling the Lifetime shed walls

Assembling the Lifetime shed doors Wind flipped this corner out Installing Lifetime shed end roof cap

Under the Lifetime shed roof The Lifetime shed from above The Lifetime shed window

The shed rafter is 82 inches plus The Lifetime shed interior Adding ladder hangers to Lifetime shed

Adding ladder hangers to Lifetime shed Adding ladder hangers to Lifetime shed The Lifetime shed interior

The shed doors are level Lifetime support sent a new channel Testing that rain water will drain out

Carport, trailer, Lifetime shed Solar house, carport, trailer The solar utility house and the trailer
  Renovation: Measuring for a SketchUp CAD drawing Bracing a shed platform post Creating a post base in SketchUp

2003 photo of deck frame Sketching deck for SketchUp Sketching the deck frame in SketchUp

Measuring deck for SketchUp Measuring the pipes for SketchUp Measuring the pipes for SketchUp

Measuring the pipes for SketchUp Measuring the pipes for SketchUp Measuring the pipes for SketchUp

Measuring the pipes for SketchUp Measuring the pipes for SketchUp Measuring the pipes for SketchUp

SketchUp replication of deck framing Of the deck framing, plumbing, electric Framing, plumbing, electric and tapes
  Interior: Home Depot Christmas Filling a Zen water 8 gallon purifier Mr Heater Buddy

All liquids into fridge for the summer Hauling rock with a 2007 Prius Our dog's arthritic xray
  Other: The able table Luxottica italian glasses fell apart


The Desert Center Cafe, I-10 & Hwy 177 Outside Pappy & Harriets David McChesney entertains

Water tank pipes being flushed A Western Fence Lizard Packrat in a Havahart trap

Palm Springs area from Eureka Peak Shaker styled entryway bench Garden bench with butterfly back

Butterfly bench under pitcher rock Snow fall in the high desert Bird capture by Logitech Alert 750e

A wooden trellis backdrop for our deck A Carolina Jasmine A Lynx drinking from the pond

Brinks 44-1030 7-Day timers Loftek Sentinel-D1, ten foot full zoom Axis 214 twelve foot, partial zoom

Stanley Organizers on hinged straps with pulleys & ropes Electrical box covers to close vents

Electrical cover to seal finger holes French press coffee maker 900W Cyberpower UPS runs coffee maker

Bagging purifier blocks algae when away La-Z-Boy Harbor Town Reclina-Rocker 532 Adding casters to La-Z-Boy recliner
  Composting: An eComposter An eComposter Garden View composter

Compost toilet drawer into eComposter Hosing out a Sun-mar Compost Toilet Riding on Quail Springs Road

Onaga Trail, Joshua Tree, CA A Mongoose Blackcomb bike fits in Prius Mongoose Mountain Bike on a Racor lift

A broken Prius Charging the Prius 12 volt battery The hidden Prius hatch latch lever
  Hot water: Food for The Way Station in Joshua Tree 168 Lb of Worthington tank in a Prius Rheem Tankless Water Heater PTG2-42PVP

Debris from a Rheem water filter Twin Stage low pressure 525K regulator Fairview GR-9412 Twin Stage regulator

POL to GCC adapter connects red ACME Red ACME fitting, POL to GCC adapter Rheem Tankless PTG2-42PVP circuit board

Tankless Water Heater Remote USC1-117 Rheem Tankless, 100 Lb Worthington tank Ryobi E49CM01 meter reads Crosley fridg
  Solar batteries: Plastic shelving for battery bank broke 12 hanging batteries await new shelving 12 Optimas on a steel shelving unit

Outback MX60 Charge Controller reading B-DK-8A27 Deka AGM deep cycle batteries A 48 volt solar system
  Web cameras: Cable connection sealed by Liquid Tape Outback Mate3. RainAlert. Logitech 700i Logitech Alert 750e. Loftek Sentinel-D1

Logitech Alert 750e power supply Logitech Alert 750e infrared lighting Logitech Alert 750e. Loftek Sentinel-D1

Eight Loftek Sentinel-D1 presets 48-LED Illuminator Light CCTV Infrared An Axis 214 PTZ Network Camera

A Dotworkz Dome An Axis 214 inside a Dotworkz Dome Axis 214 sees Logitech Alert infrared

17 presets of an Axis 214 PTZ IP Camera Angle iron supports Logitech Alert 700i Logitech 700i under a Carolina carport
  Family: Darby Blakeman at The Hotel Laguna Darby Blakeman rock climbing A brass disk survey monument RCE 23256

A New England Christmas feast Our 2011 Christmas tree Dinner at The Nimrod, Falmouth, MA

Dinner Claes Restaurant, Hotel Laguna Laguna Beach sunset A Man And His Dogs, Laguna Beach

Lunch for the kids Van Blakeman and Jensen Kerr Bonanza Bus at Logan Airport
  Flights: Lab-mix in cage departing Logan Airport LAX Pet Park, Terminals 7-8 (United) Dog prepped for flight, LAX United

Ontario Airport Departing Palm Springs Airport The Road Runner Livery


  The Pond: The 133 gal pond 74x51x18 fits a Prius Cutting ground rod so can't tear pond Leveling the pond, packing soil beneith

Clothes washer discharges into pond Pond and septic friendly cleaners The pond in a patio of rocks and plants

A Burgundy Red Louisiana Iris Two Anacharis stems Water Poppy - Hydrocleys Nymphoides

Water Sprite, Floating Form Yellow Floating Heart Parrot's Feather. Diamond Milfoil

Planting Water Poppy The pond plants are beginning to grow A simple valve and float shutoff

It works, but it could get stuck open Brass-PVC grates held up under pressure The pond filler is assembled

The frog spitter fills the pond Sump pump on a plate in a pond liner The sump pump wrapped in a wire mesh

Pond liner hung from shower floor A 330 GPH Totalpond pump and filter Replacing a 210 GPH pump with a 560

Two timers for two pond pumps Pond water recirculates down waterfall Morning's Nursery in 29 Palms, CA
  Plants: New plants and nutrients Adding lime to caliche soil & mulch mix Planting a Manzanillo Olive Tree

Planting a Dwarf Rosemary Hose thru PVC pipe to avoid crimping Two shutoffs in a small irrigation box
  Water: A shutoff valve for the Olive tree To carry rain and shower water to pond The downspout flows to the pond

Rain flows down to a second gutter Three gutters send water to the pond Fitting around the compost toilet vent

Amerimax gutter for a Carolina carport Downspouts & drain pipes deliver water Connecting a corrugated roof to a wall

Carolina carport with Amerimax gutters All gutters capture rain for the pond A Sun-mar compost toilet with no drain
  Toilet: The drain hose through an elbow Overflow hose runs to a drainfield pipe Name brand paper does not compost
  Bedroom: Compost toilet drawer into a composter A new pillow-top bed Sloping floor; Castors raise the head

Inline cord switch with a pull-chain A custom made pull-chain cord switch A Pennzoil siphon pump at Wal-mart

Pull-chain cord switch in a rubber bulb Branstrator trailer window frames New bed, wall, frames, blinds & tracks
  Web Cams: An imitation SVAT security camera The Logitech Alert network adapter The Logitech Alert 750e power supply

Inserting a micro SD chip into the cam Securing the web cam with Loctite A Logitech Alert web cam view

The Logitech Alert 750e and the 700i Finding better outlet for the power box The Logitech Alert 700i web camera

Faux wood blinds wrap around the 700i Capturing packrat desecration Bird in motion by a Logitech Alert 750e
  Creatures: A spider triggers a Logitech Alert 750e A Desert Tortoise A Walking Stick insect

Something is eating my smokes Mice! (Infrared night vision capture) A broken Eucalyptus Tree
  Interesting: Spectracide Seal & Jobe's Tree Wrap A Seascape by Verne Gillespie Sun rise behind the hill

Mount San Jacinto over Route 62 The iron hub of a Branstrator trailer A third wire grounds a two-wire system
  Insulation: Layered insulating fiberglass bats Crawlspace foam-plywood insulation Bolts pull 6" of solid foam to frame


A Prius and a GPS The Los Angles Adventurer Hotel cottage In our new wrought iron chairs

At The Cottage Restaurant, Laguna Beach The Massachusetts FastLane transponder
  Toilets: A rock privy A Coleman chemical toilet, circa 2001 A chemical toilet disposal hole

A makeshift urinal A Sun-Mar Compost Toilet kit The compost toilet interior

Fitting a compost toilet vent A C-channel and rubber bumpers The compost toilet interior contents

The compost toilet drawer on day 20 Compost & microbe mixes from Sears.com Compost mix in a Buddeez container

A compost toilet vent system A new electrical outlet
  Sinks: The first trailer sink Plumbing the vanity retractable faucet A Pegasus glass vessel vanity

Covering the plumbing holes Filling the old plumbing holes Washing dishes at our original campsite
  Laundry: The Joshua Tree Laundromat, 2001 The Danby DTT420 specifications The Danby twin tub portable machine

The machine & sink drain to this bucket

  Irrigation: Delivery to our 2600 gallon water tank Filling our water tank The DIG Automatic Timer 9001DB

The Orbit H2O-6 Sprinkler The Rain Alert Transmitter & Receiver The Rain Alert Ultrasonic Transmitter

Adjusting The Rain Alert receiver Getting the water level in the tank Our home
  The Tree: Boring granite with a gas powered auger Holes augered into granite Buying mulch, gypsum and stakes

Planting a Red River Eucalyptus Six stages of a fast growing tree A Red River Eucalyptus and Our Home
  Waterfall: A heavy evening sky Granite polished by eons of rare flows Our spontaneous waterfall

A creek through the wash by our home The boulder that rolled in the rain This wash was a river 2 days before
  The Sign: A community Narrowing the road on our land To discourage truck traffic
  A Shower Roof: Adding a corrugated panel roof A SUNTUF polycarbonate corrugated roof The shower stall
  Rattlesnakes: A dog line trolley A new leather and brass dog collar Rattlesnake vaccination

Accidental rattlesnake road-kill Medicated after the rattlesnake bite A Southwestern Speckled Rattlesnake
  Creatures: A PetSafe Electric Dog Fence Collar A Tarantula A Hummingbird on a Yucca
  Skys: Full moon A golden mountain range A double rainbow
  Vegetation: What is this? An herb? A chia? A Desert Spinystar A Beavertail Cactus

A Desert Wishbone bush What is this? A Walker's Suncup? Pink Mormon Tea Pods
  Misc: An aluminum vintage teardrop trailer Cusions and quilt by Eileen Blakeman An antique silver hogs hair brush

Carl Hiaasen, Sandwich High, July 2010


A Garmin Nuvi 660 GPS at night Snow on The Painted Cliffs, Lupton, AZ Entering Joshua Tree in a snow storm

Tanith, Tiffany, Jensen Kerr & Eileen Molly, a happy dog Sunset through a mountain pass
  Plants: A Fremont's Pin Cushion Desert Dandelions in a Wishbone bush The Wooly Desert Marigold
  Creatures: Honey bees sip from the dog water dish Desert Chuckwalla lizard Western Fence lizards copulating

A red House Finch pair Desert Tortoise eating dandelions A bonzai cedar splitting rock
  Home Improvement: A 'No Trucks' sign for our driveway A new mirror for the bedroom door Weaving a repair into the screen door

The kitchen table in its new position Chest refrigerator gutter guard catch Tethered Blackberry 8820 as a modem
  Water & Rock Walls: Old steel tank & Rubbermaid tub system The 11' pad is ready for the 8' tank Dragging a water tank up hill

Animation: Building a rock wall A polyetheline tank & it's rock wall Shims will make a loose stone wall solid

A sediment diverter to eject 1st crud Rock steps overlay filled trench & pipe Exposed pipes camouflaged with burlap
  Hot Shower: A shower stall with partition & gates Veranda composite decking Flexible resin moulding holds cedar wall

Series: Rheem tankless lp gas water heater
Sealing leak with Rectorseal repair kit
  Views: A wall, water tank & prospective patio The view from the water tank pad Four rock walls

Overhead, two roads and our driveway Satellite of our 10 acre parcel, 02/07 Overlooking a Joshua Tree valley

Moon over the Joshua Tree National Park Trailer, carport, solar, stone walls Bob Malin, spouse of Neena Meador
  Travel: A bus to the Ensenada boat A Los Angeles Adventurer Hotel suite Foggy morning leaving Los Angeles

A final early morning overlook The car and the dog are ready to go Driving through a Utah mountain range

The stormy moon through a moving window
The US map and the 3 primary routes


TomTom GPS above the Prius monitor Pennsylvania turnpike tunnel A Denny's Diner

London Bridge, Xmas lights Blankets of Xmas lights, Havasu, AZ The Early Bird Cafe
  Local: Steel & Rock by Bill Bolster New Years poker A homeowners meeting

Pappy & Harriet's, Pioneertown Dancing waitress Bastrups & Eileen

Dental chair terror - me Dental X-Rays - mine Shower at Jerry's Gym

Jean Davis's home for sale Atherton's new pond Shower at Coyote Corner
  To Laguna: Negotiating with a cigar store indian The Hotel Laguna At the Cottage, Laguna Beach

Ocean beyond the patio Dog taking a drink The Forest Avenue gate
  History+: TL Blakeman, Phyllis, John, Jack Church Hobbit & I, 1967 Seal playing the surf
  LAX: Good budget lodging near LAX Los Angeles Adventurer dining LAX Tower. The Arched Theme Building
  Trailer: Roof of trailer 2001 Roof of trailer 2002 Trailer in 2006

A rainy day in Joshua Tree Puddles on a rusty trailer roof Rain drips on ceiling

Freeze broken PVC pipe Covering roof with tarps Measuring for carport
  Carport: Getting length of trailer Carport crew arrives Assembling a carport

Old trailer under new carport Carolina Carport roof, west end Carport close-ups
  Solar: Jackhammering a grounding rod Seven rods at 7 depths Retraining neck muscles

Off-grid system components Diagram of a solar power system UPS delivery

Lifting a solar panel Solar panel clamp Office corner with solar power

Utility house panels. Roof over trailer Glasses and shadow
  Wiring: Wiring to dormer & office Utility house wiring Inverter in the van

Old trailer wheel, new conduit New pipe & wire, old trailer iron Wiring trailer outlets & switch
  Renovation: Trailer prior to wiring Trailer during wiring Trailer after wiring

Appliances & lamps running on solar Trailer appliances & lamps shining No more draining the cooler

Sketch of trailer layout Wall after removing closets Burning an old plywood wall

Center wall & wheel well wire Wall wired and renovated Snapshot through a mirror

Trailer wheel well - storage box Bedroom before renovation & wiring During renovation wiring

After renovation & wiring Spare electrical box for lamp Zip-lock bag preserves Wood Filler

A brass lamp, a new shelf New shelves & lamp as office Bracing door jamb wall

Warped and new beams New support in the rack A corrugated panel roof
  Heat: 3000 BTU heater after 6 years 1000 BTU heater Cooking with a 16.4 oz cylinder

Refilling 16.4 oz cylinders Twelve cylinders refilled

4000-9000 BTU Mr Heater, 20 Lb tank 20 Lb tanks stored outside
  Plants: Goldfields Lasthenia, Dune Primrose Mojave Desert Parsley Gold Poppy

The Mojave Aster at 3 PM Birdfoot Deervetch Pea Cacti & Goldfields Lasthenia

The Mojave Aster at 7 PM Light on branches Yellow springtime field
  Creatures: A King Snake Visiting Chuckwalla Gambels Quail behind screen

Stick insect on a miter saw Lonely skull in the rocks
  Scenery: Overlooking a Joshua Tree valley Sun flare over a mountain range New road into another hill

Sunset over a parking lot Overhead satellite Image
  East: Route 40 through Texas early morn Lauren & Ron at the Cape Windows XP Explorer & Cam2PC


Eileen sleeping in van Water Canyon Coffee Co Molly at a window of snow

Water Canyon Coffee Co Window of rain
  Neighbors: Above Atherton home Tom's trailer & pickup Atherton Flashbyte internet

Eileen & Bastrups, The Country Kitchen Bastrup Courtyard
New roof over the box trailer Dodge van carrying lumber
  Land: Series: Inside the stone wall Series: Outside the stone wall On top of the stone wall

Winching a rock with the van A NW to SW line through the valley A SW to SE line up the hill

Rain and wind sculpted top of the hill Old man rock Pitcher rock

North side Of hill (3751 pix wide)
  Burn: The fire pit The wash before the burn Burning brush in the evening

The wash after the burn Wall for a baby cactus
  Vegetation: Joshua trees Joshua tree and bird Hedgehog cactus flowers
  Creatures: Valley with cat paths (bottom right) A Desert Lynx passing through Tia, the Meador-Malin dog

Young Chuckwalla Western fence lizard on deck White-Tailed Antelope Ground Squirrel

Travelling Millipede Travelling Velvet Ant wasp
  Sky: Trailer, flag and sunset Full moon flag Sunset           Clouds
  Laguna: Laguna Beach bunnies Laguna Beach seagulls Eileen and I at dinner
  East: A Cape Cod kitchen The Prius monitor
  Web: Google traffic LA Google traffic Boston Search engine querys to my web site


  Trip west: Pontiac Vibe rental in night rain Walking in Tempe Jody's home
  New van: Picking up new van Dodge van interior The van's temporary sticker
  Locals: Me installing new battery Eileen outside Bastrups Friends on patio

Playing cards Bill and Ron Ron's Kawasaki

Bill's flowering trees Eileen and Molly walking to corral Coming home after daily walk

Eileen napping in van Molly's den

Inside The Country Kitchen Athertons New adobe house
  Scenery: Golden mountain range Snow Snow hills

Snow range Snow rocks Snow window

111 degrees 0n 5/16/07 Rock overhang Old Rocky Ridge road sign

111 degrees 0n 5/17/07 Sunset
  Trailer: Big hole in roof Repairing hole Painted

Kitchen Above trailer New vents

Old picture window to Wulf's Recycling New Atwood furnace
  Shed: Deck and tent frame Box trailer top taped New tub roof was tent floor

Supplies in the van Spreadsheet of tools buying online New tools

Shed plans on propane stove Shed floor framing Shed window

Urinal drainage field Gluing shed loft wall New shed and old trailer
  Utilities: Water delivery Filling tubs Filling small propane bottles
  Driveways: Roadway walls from above Roadway walls from below Moving rock with a screw jack

First truck of dirt First pile of dirt Rock cobbled driveway
  Creatures: Falcon Roadrunner Quail chicks

Blue Jay Bird on flag pole Rabbits

Desert Rosy Boa Visiting Chuckwalla Departing Chuckwalla
Hedgehog cactus flowers Birdfoot Deervetch Pea

Red pods Yellow Goldfields Lasthenia
  Laguna: Hotel Laguna Hotel Laguna Hotel Laguna bell tower

Laguna Beach Eileen in Laguna Seagulls

Laguna Beach chairs Wyland Gallery Seagulls and pigeons

At The Cottage Dinner Shopping

My '60s home Laguna Canyon Aliso Park
  Power: Battery charge Generator Stowed away
  East: Barn window before Barn window after Inside barn window

Cottage and pool Found the cottage septic tank Cottage interior

Cape Cod stairs fixed Eileen leaving in Jeep Wrangler CuteFTP example


Virginia and Hannah Blakeman Eileen in a raincoat at Balboa Park 1968 sketched dream of pond in our hill

Bill's plane, the Bastrups, Eileen & Molly Bill's niece & nephews on ATV Eileen - Jean Davis

Men by fire Bill's party Party at the Bastrups

Dinner at the Bastrups Lauren and Ron Bastrup with new puppy Hi-Desert Playhouse cast

Eileen departing Los Angeles Airport Books Typing a newsletter, downloading email

Bare feet on deck Shadow on deck Head cut by window

Hilde and Robert Fonda Joshua Tree National Park gate Joshua Tree Park field

Bastrups at Eureka Peak, Joshua Tree Our valley range seen from Eureka Peak The valley as seen from our hill

Eileen and Molly above the valley Top of our hill Our hill as seen from the north
  Deck: Where the deck extends over the wash Repairing a broken deck corner Adding a trap door to the deck

Preparing to cut a 'Simpson hold-down' A Simpson hold-down carries the tongue A Simpson hold-down supports trailer

An unfinished frame from previous year Framing the front of the deck Laying the front of the deck

Framing the front of the deck The carriage rack a year after building Some rocks, a deck and a trailer

Trailer tongue Mounted in deck Hazy trailer Trailer from above

Deck, trailers and old tent frame Trailers and tent frame below hill
  Rock: Cave Sculpted by water Mountain range
  Creatures: Tortoise in the road Tortoises rescued by Lauren Gambels Quail

Spotted toad Horned toad Chuckwalla pair

Wasp Rabbit
  Sky: Sunset Powerful sky Rainbows
  Plants: Green vegetation under rock An Apricot Mallo bush Wild garden

Canterbury Bells One Apricot Mallo Wild bouquet

Canterbury Bell behind rocks A wildflower bouquet A cactus garden

Beavertail Cactus flowers Barrel Cactus flowers A Hedge Hog and a baby cactus
  Power: Inverter Charger Generator
  Road: Road before it was A rope guides the 1st retaining wall Moving first wall rock

Winching a rock into place The first rock retaining wall is built Chips in rock wall

Leveraging a boulder out of its hole A boulder has been moved to the wall Winching a rock towards the wall

Steep slope The second rock retaining wall is built The new retaining walls from the side

New and projected stone retaining walls Simulation of new road with fill

Rock walls from bottom Rock walls 2004, done Violets and daffodils back east


The van before leaving east coast Happy bunch: John, Eileen, Hannah, Virginia Snowed in - in Virginia

Mapco bolts that shredded our van Punctured oil pan Hole in van's bell housing

Morning after - van being towed Waiting for van repair near Nashville Hispanic mural, Berts Radiator, Tempe

Eileen & Mo in Tempe Jody Kerr's Tempe home, Studebaker Nokia cell tethered to Dell notebook

Finally arrived: me, beer, butterfly chair Joshua Tree trailer, our West coast home Original '60s fire ring & lawn

Ron Hopkins and I with coffee mugs Filling small propane tanks

Mo Missy Eileen

Eileen through screen door Eileen quilting with cat Quilt in quilt ring

Emptying van for trade-in New 1992 Caddy Deville Inside Joshua Tree Saloon, 2003

Ron Bastrup's train Jean Davis's fire wood split, stacked Jean Davis's Chinaberry tree
  Burn: Accumulating brush pile Fire pit on bedrock Burning brush pile

Smoking cone of ashes Eight days after the burn Removing cold ash from burn hole
  Roof: Trailer and first carport roof, 1970 Trailer roof crack Trailer roof crack after repair
  Interior: Rear view composite, 2003 New sink and bedroom door New wicker bureau

Front view composite, 2002 Front view kitchen, 2003 Kitchen wire shelf

Trailer table-partition and window light Front ceiling vent insulated Rear ceiling vent insulated

Trailer door closed, interior Trailer door jam top, latch side Trailer door jam top, hinge side

Door side of kitchen floor Picture window condensation

Weather striping around trailer windows Rear window inside Rear window outside

Clipboard sketch bedroom wall framing Bedroom wall insulated Temporary wall of plywood scrap
  Water: Rain in a wheelbarrow Sledge hammer on ice Tent puddle siphoning

Composite of new water line trench PVC pipe under rock underground Hiding PVC plumbing drain

Siliconing holes around PVC pipe into trailer New sink with water running Grey water bucket for sink drain

Glue skin inside PVC pipe
  Deck & cradle: Rock steps at trailer door Future deck area washed to bedrock Mo. Trailer undercarriage on blocks

Preparing to pour concrete footing Footing for trailer cradle support Post anchored to footing

Decoupage of 18 posts Trailer cradle beam oiled

Deck sketch by hand Deck sketch by computer Cradle frame composite from above

Forward deck framing Cradle & faucet on south side of trailer Rear deck frame of complex angles

A new deck, almost done A cutout of the deck Filter & tubs at exterior deck faucet
  Views: Towards Joshua Tree from our hill top Massive boulder Our hill from a distance
  Creatures: Ants Scorpion Chuckwalla lizard

Rabbit Horses
  Plants: Red berries Dancing Cholla Cactus Young barrel cactus

Yucca fruit Jewels of Mormon Tea buds? Gentle star shaped plant

A white twig sculpture
  Sky: Sunset Overcast sky Night sky

SETI capture 2003-03-31
  Three months later: A white cross for Mo Five months later:   Missy shares Mo's cross


Box trailer at Harvil Body Shop, Tempe Joshua Tree Inn New Blakeman sign

Tom - Eileen - Missy Ron and Lauren Bastrup Bill, Eileen, Ron

Ron, Eileen, Bill, Elaine, Lauren Bill and Ron, arrows USMC Lafond neighbors
Eileen and Missy in the van Mo asleep in the van

Husky-coyote visitor: 'Lightfoot' Eileen with dogs Eileen and computer under cover

1st tent location. Eileen cooking Dinner in the van Mo cleaning pot

2nd tent location Composite of the tent interior Tent air bed

Water Filter Hummingbird in tent Another bird in the tent

Puddles in tent My bed in the van Propane heater in the van

Shower at Coyote Corners Power: First location of generator Power: Inverter in mini-van

Portable Coleman toilet First toilet hole Second toilet hole

Filling propane tanks Flagstone toe stubber Prospective road into the hill
  Rock: Rock chair Van at a rock table with Van Locations of favorite rock chairs

First rock wall First idea of road & home in the hill Stone that was once mud

Sunset Sunny Mountain range, trailer & flag Hedgehog Cactus flower
  Renovation: The trailer, 2002 To the dump Series: trailer floor

Gas mask for sanding old paint Series: trailer interior Series: under trailer

Trailer door in weeds Series: trailer door Improvised roof gluing clamp

Series: trailer roof Series: trailer vents Series: trailer foam

Series: trailer awning Series: trailer canvas & fiberglass tape Series: trailer sides

Series: trailer windows Painted trailer
  New site: New trailer site before clearing Boulder moving New trailer site after clearing

New cobbled driveway completed Winching tent frame Tent flying towards final location

Fitting tire to trailer Trailer tongue dolly Rope winch to trailer

The van and trailer at the new site The trailer exterior is done Pickings found at old site almost daily
  Water: Initial water source: Tom Atherton's faucet Cutting water tank slot in bedrock Draging the water tank

Flipping water tank onto its stand Water tubs bought at Kmart Water barrels decided against

Water tub rack Water tubs prior to stone wall Water tub system behind new stone wall

Water delivery by Ron Hopkins Water tank fountain Water tubs are bulging FULL

Water collector experiment The water system's first faucet, Mo & Eileen Washing dishes
  To Laguna: Heading 'Down The Hill' Elsinore lake Ortega highway

Eileen in Capistrano New hat over my eyes Missy and Mo in Capistrano

Laguna view Geek on the beach Mo in Laguna ocean

Eileen in Johnny Rockets Eileen outside The Cottage Taking Eileen and Missy to LAX
  Local: Crossroads people Jam session with spoons Crossroads ceiling fan

Eileen's Tee shirt Breakfast at The Country Kitchen
  East: Colorado river Arriving home Me wired

The van is clean Mo is clean. (Stairs rotting underneath). Stairs rebuilt (in 2005)

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